We know, you’re pumped to be trying out Escape City Buffalo. . .

There is nothing worse than when you contact your friends and their response is “nope, not interested”. HUH? HOW? Escape City Buffalo is an experience that will not disappoint. We are one of the most fun, entertaining, and unique experiences that you and your group will endure. So, how do you get your friends to say YES? Here is some advice to help convince those debbie downers.

There is a certain amount of uncertainty. . .

Convincing friends to go, may not be easy and they may not be on-board. For 60 minutes, groups are locked in a room and need to use the surroundings to “escape”. Once a group walks into a game at Escape City Buffalo, all that uncertainty and fear goes away, it’s not like you’re locked up in a small closet with nothing in it. A groups game will be in a highly detailed set of rooms that the group will need to make their way through.  To help ease their uncertainty, the whole group will be together in the room and working together to accomplish the same goal.

Not only are you with your group. . .

Groups are also assigned a game master. The game master is there to help in case something is missed. The assigned game master will give clues to keep the group on track. This allows the group to leave all the worry behind and just enjoy the experience.

You’re truly never “locked”

Or trapped inside Escape City Buffalo. To be “trapped” in a room for one hour is not that long and we encourage groups to stay in the game for the allotted time. This will enhance the group’s experience. Our immersive sets will make anyone feel like they’re in a movie. Leaving the room in the middle of the game, to use the bathroom, will ruin that immersive experience. The door is never locked, if someone needs a bathroom break or fresh air, they can feel free to step out of the game at any time.

The different escape rooms that we have at Escape City Buffalo

All have something in common: they play to all different kinds of strengths. one customer might be the courageous one who’s willing to explore the more adventurous parts of the room. Maybe you’re the quiet, reserved friend who can solve the game-winning puzzle. You might be the friend who divides the workload among the team to keep everything running smoothly. Puzzles are not the only element to the game. In fact, there’s a job for everyone. Escape City Buffalo is meant to bring a group of people together and highlight their unique skills and talents.