You may think that throwing a group of people into an escape room will allow the team to equally contribute to their escape, it will, but there are different roles on how groups contribute to their success of the game. We have been able to narrow it down to 4 key roles that’s allow for the ideal group to escape our games in 60 minutes.


The leader or captain


This person is the head of the group, they take charge. The leader generally takes the game very serious and will work hard to make sure their team is focused and on track. This person is usually the loudest of the group which will help them control the attention of their team members. They are also a key factor as to which group findings may be important, and which may need to be placed aside. Not every team that comes to our escape room with a good captain will always escape. On the contrary, a group that may lack a leader or captain does mean they will not escape. Regardless, this role is a key component in every team.



The Theorist


This team member is a thinker and usually knows when A and B go together. This person will be the “go-to” for everyone else when they have found something they think is important. Taking the lead of communication with his/her team makes this person aware of the finding within the game and what’s needed thus far. Many groups could contain 2 of these types within their group.



The Expert


The expert is someone who usually has specific knowledge or expertise about Escape Rooms. Usually due to prior research on the games, played games with similar though process requirements, or have played an escape room in the past. The expert could also be the person who knows a little something about everything. When encountered with an “Expert” team player, it’s crucial to keep an eye on this persons thought process to ensure that they are not overthinking. Usually, In the midst of all their thoughts, this person will continently check in with the finding from all the other players.



The Manager


Exactly as the name describes. The manager is the person of the group that will manage all the information that everyone has pulled together. This role will be crucial when it comes down to several minutes or even seconds on the clock. With coordination of them, the manager will help to bring everyone together to solve the game.

Based on these roles, what role do you think best describes you and your fellow team members? Put your group to the test at Escape City Buffalo.